17 June 2016   |

In-Image Advertising Pioneer GumGum Launches First-Ever Image Takeover Ad for Moxie’s Maybelline Rocket Mascara Campaign

Los Angeles, CA – GumGum the premium in-image advertising platform for publishers and brands, today announced availability of the digital advertising industry’s first-ever image takeover ads, which it created for L’Oreal’s digital AOR, Moxie, to support the launch of VOLUM’ EXPRESS® THE ROCKET™ MASCARA for L’Oreal’s Maybelline unit.
The “Canvas” image takeover unit is a rich media ad that turns photos on the GumGum platform into a virtual launch pad for THE ROCKET™ MASCARA. After the product blasts across the photo, the image fades to black before a mascara brush wipes across the screen to reveal a call to “Launch Your Lashes” and then nestles into the lower fifth of the image, as is typical of most in-image display ad units.

“The Rocket Mascara creative lends itself perfectly to the high-impact capabilities we envisioned when we developed the image takeover ad,” said Ophir Tanz, founder and CEO of GumGum. “I can’t think of a better campaign from which to introduce such an innovative branding vehicle to the digital advertising industry.”
A demo of the takeover unit can be viewed at http://bit.ly/gumgum-maybelline.

“Our clients demand digital strategies that ensure viewability and engagement, and it’s new technologies like in-image advertising that will continue to make display advertising an attractive channel for brands,” said Michelle LoSapio, Associate Media Director of Moxie Interactive. “GumGum’s Canvas format worked well for Maybelline because the ad is highly creative, contextually relevant and in-line with where a viewer’s attention is focused.”

An image takeover ad can be closed by the viewer at any time to reveal the full image over which it appears. When a user chooses to interact with the creative, a video light box plays a 15-second version of the product’s television spot and features links to social media and the official website.

Leveraging GumGum’s image recognition and contextual targeting capabilities, the campaign was keyword targeted to appear on images known to be related to makeup and beauty, as well as sites that reach women across its lifestyle, news and fashion channels.

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