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The value of sports signage and sponsorships on social media has surpassed TV. We help marketers and rights holders capture that value across broadcast, streaming and social.

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The Value of Sports Signage Is Shifting From TV to Social

We use our computer vision platform to identify brand exposure on social media, which traditional sponsorship valuation solutions are completely missing. Here are some of the benefits:

Hidden incremental
media value

Turnaround Times

Unique, patent-pending
computer vision technology

Introducing the Media Value Percentage (MVP) Methodology

Our process measures what it would have cost to buy an equivalent amount of reach and engagement across broadcast TV, streaming, team-owned and fan or publication owned social media accounts. We track every major social media platform and use the following six factors to keep score:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube

01Clear Vision.

The clarity of a sponsor’s exposure matters. It’s worth less if you can’t see it.

02take notice.
be noticed.

There’s a big difference between a logo front and center in the foreground and one that’s hidden in the backgound.

03look em in
the eyes.

The percent of exposure actually in view is supremely important to its value.

04stand tall.

What’s the size of a sponsor relative to the entire frame? The bigger the better.

05find your place.
take charge.

From floor signage to courtside LEDs to basket stanchions, always know the true position.

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube

06how loud is your battle cry?

Determine the amount of signage locations that are in view and yell it out.

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