Visual listening

We use computer vision to scour social media for all images that relate to your brand

Are you missing the picture?

The vast majority of images posted to social media lack any identifying text or hashtags. Our patented image recognition technology eliminates those blind spots.

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Our exclusive data gives you a stronger understanding of when and how your audience is posting images that relate to your brand on social media

Audience demographics and affinities

Automated sentiment analysis

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Community management

Identify and connect with your top influencers

TrackDiscover top influencers

EngageCommunicate with key promoters directly from the platform

BuildGrow your brand's social media community

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Targeted media buys

Make informed media buying decisions based on your audience's demographics and interests

Gain deep insights about your target audience

Adjust your media campaigns in real time

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Content activation

Easily acquire and publish user-generated content from your consumers

Discover Find images that relate to your brand

License Obtain rights to use consumer-created content

Publish Integrate images into your website or marketing collateral

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Media Valuations

We help brands, agencies, and rights holders go Beyond the broadcast to realize full media value across TV and social media

Capture and process brand exposures found on social and TV

Assign full media value to sponsorships

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Miller Lite

Miller Lite finds new fans

Learn how Miller Lite gleaned new insights from beer drinkers, discovered previously unknown customers, and connected with key promoters on social media.

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"Using the same GumGum technology that crawls the web looking for images to pair with ads, GumGum Social looks for all or part of brand logos contained in social-media posts, whether they mention the brand in text or not"

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