Ads that stick

We serve placements in-line with content users are actively focused on

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  • In-Image

    Using image recognition technology, we deliver targeted placements as contextual overlays on top of related editorial pictures

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  • In-Screen

    Unlike traditional banner ads, these placements fit responsively on all screen sizes, remaining in view even as users scroll

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  • Native

    In-Feed placements are designed to blend seamlessly into their surrounding content

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Turn attention into engagement

We deliver highly visible placements to over 400 million visitors across more than 2,000 premium publishers

  • This heat map shows how consumer focus is naturally drawn to headlines and images. Our ads are embedded into related editorial content where attention is already focused, and consistently achieve an 81% viewability rate.

  • Our custom creative across all units delivers on average 10 times better engagement than traditional display options

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    CTR (Across All Ad Units)
    Brand Lift (Vizu)
  • We offer creative production services to conform your campaign assets into multiple formats for delivery across all screens. Our ads can be delivered on a direct basis or programmatically.

    Direct Buying

    We work directly with all major holding agencies and brands


    Available programmatically from trading desks and the following Demand Side Platforms:

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An a-maize-ing corn oil

Find out how MAZOLA used GumGum to build awareness and educate consumers on the health benefits of corn oil

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Some of Our Clients

The majority of Fortune 100 companies in all major verticals use GumGum to boost engagement for their brands


Unlock your revenue potential

We invented In-Image advertising to help publishers turn photos into profitable advertising inventory. Employing patented technology, we offer more ways to earn revenue across every screen. The result is superior performance for advertisers, leading to higher CPMs for our publishing partners.

New revenue

Higher CPMs from new sources of inventory


We work with the majority of Fortune 100 companies looking to run brand campaigns with premium publishers

User experience

Beautiful ads seamlessly integrated into your content


Easy implementation with a one-time code embed

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Connect to GumGum's premium demand via header bidding

We bring premium GumGum demand streaming into your header-bidding solution, with quick setup and implementation.

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Images: The Final Frontier

This interview with David Bauer, Head of Business Development & Revenue at BAUER XCEL MEDIA explores how In-Image advertising is perfectly suited to generate incremental revenue for publishers while maintaining a great user experience.

  • “In-Image ads create new inventory for publishers

  • “In-Image ads give precious real estate back to the editors

  • “In-Image ads create brand safety

Near immediate payback

Independent Study Highlights ROI of In-Image and In-Screen Advertising Solutions for Publishers. Find out how a large publisher saw an immediate revenue increase with limited implementation requirements.


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Some of Our Publishers

We have exclusive partnerships with more than 2,000 premium content publishers in many verticals