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Fleischmann's Yeast

FLEISCHMANN'S YEAST wants baking to not only be a hobby, but also a passion to consumers. GumGum built custom In-Image units to reach the targeted audience of W25-49 who are "scratch enthusiasts" and/or bakers.

Brand Awareness
Purchase Intent
Message Association

This study was conducted by Millward Brown


MAZOLA wanted to educate consumers that corn oil helps lower cholesterol more than extra virgin olive oil. GumGum built custom In-Image units to reach the targeted audience for MAZOLA of W25-54.

Attention Quality

Miller Lite

Miller Lite wanted to gain insights into the everyday lives of its consumers, and connect with its key "promoters" on social media. Using GumGum Visual Intelligence, Miller Lite was able to understand how real consumers think, speak and post about its brand on social media.

42,370 Total Posts Found
88% Posts With No Relevant Text Scanned
575 Promoters Found

Some of Our Clients

The majority of Fortune 100 companies in all major verticals use GumGum to boost engagement for their brands

  • Rolling with gumgum

    "I manage regional digital for an automotive company and we have found success in generating vehicle consideration with GumGum’s In-Image units. We like the unique placements and ability to overlay our message directly in front of competitive content."

    VP, Partner, Digital Media, Universal McCann

    Miller Lite
  • Rolling with gumgum

    "My experience working with GumGum has been a real pleasure. One important underrated aspect of working with vendors is streamlined communication and the ease at which we can accomplish goals for our clients. Some vendors make it difficult to even achieve small tasks, but everyone I have worked with, from Sales to Account Management, at GumGum keeps the client’s needs at top of mind and helps in any way to deliver the best product possible."

    Digital Activation Manager, P&G/MediaVest (Family Care)

    P&G Mediavest
  • Rolling with gumgum

    "As the Visual Web continues to proliferate, we as an industry need to be willing to explore a variety of new formats. GumGum excels at creating innovative and engaging units that fit the context of the image and page."

    EVP, Global Strategic Partnerships, Digital


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