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Based in Santa Monica, California, GumGum is a leader in the computer vision space, with a mission to unlock the value of every connected image for marketers and publishers. Its patented image-recognition technology delivers highly visible campaigns for the majority of Fortune 100 companies.

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Founded in 2007, GumGum invented the In-Image advertising category. Its campaigns are seen by more than 400 million users as they view content across more than 2,000 premium publishers. GumGum ads consistently achieve an 81% viewability rate and deliver 10 times better engagement than traditional display options, while prioritizing high-quality inventory, brand safety and user experience.

The company also offers GumGum Visual Intelligence, a real-time visual listening platform that helps brands identify and activate online pictures relevant to them, as well as engage their top influencers on social media.

“GumGum serves authentic and targeted ads that embed themselves in the images as you consume web pages, but it does it in a non-intrusive way that has proven increases in recall and click-through rates.”

By Mark SusterManaging partner, Upfront Ventures Upfront

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GumGum is a fast-growing, well-funded startup based in Santa Monica, California, with offices worldwide

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