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We Brought Cannes to You

Every year, the Cannes Lions festival attracts creative companies from all over the world to the dreamy coast of the French Riviera. At the weeklong conference celebrating the power of creativity in industry, thousands of festivalgoers attend sessions, parties, award ceremonies and events along the Riviera and at the waterfront Palais des Festivals.

The lucky ones get to experience Cannes Lions in jet-set style, drinking rosé and rubbing elbows aboard one of many yachts moored along the azure coast. Last year, GumGum representatives attended the festival with a yacht anchored among other well-known media entities and agencies for a week full of meetings, parties, sunsets and networking. But for this year’s festival, instead of packing our bags we decided to bring Cannes to our friends in cities around the globe. (Why? Ben Plomion, our CMO, attended the conference last year and explains the decision to transport the festivities closer to home in this piece.)

On June 21 and 22, we rented private yachts and threw parties in Los Angeles, Chicago and London. We brought our best version of Boulevard de la Croisette to the harbor of each of the cities and mingled with industry folks, coworkers and friends. Chefs on board served local seafood and hors d’oeuvres paired with a top selection of wine and champagne. Our renditions of Cannes earned rave reviews, and each event was a success. We look forward to hosting them again.

Didn’t get on the guest list? Check out footage from our time aboard the yachts for a glimpse of the action



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