18 November 2016   |

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Florian Dambrine Talks DevOps at TIAD Paris

GumGum DevOps Engineer, Florian Dambrine presented at the TIAD conference in Paris, France on October 4th. TIAD stands for The Incredible Automation Day and it is quite simply incredible as it’s the one of the only conference in France that focuses on automation. TIAD is attended by Developers and Operations Engineers from some of the most notable technology companies in the world such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google. We are extremely honored to have been part of this wonderful day that helps us better understand automation.


GumGum’s operations team manages over a thousand servers in AWS. Without automation, we could not keep up with engineering demands and with our growth rate. We use automation to provision, configure and build AWS images and production clusters.

Automation have become a critical to our architecture. We need to make 100% reliable. Some of our automations do not run often. Once a production cluster has been set up, we may not need an automation for a year until a node goes down or the cluster needs to  be upgraded. That is why it is important to have a way to test the automation and make sure they are still working properly even a year after you wrote it. It’s similar to writing unit tests and integration tests. We implemented similar principles to test the infrastructure code.

In the TIAD presentation you will learn how we set up a whole test infrastructure using Ansible, Docker and Jenkins pipelines that helps achieving reliable automation.

Even though TIAD talk video is not yet available, Florian gave the same talk in Los Angeles Ansible Meetup. The video of the talk can be viewed here.

Florian was interviewed on the transformation of DevOps in Silicon Beach here.

Photos courtesy of TIAD


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