26 August 2016   |

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Getting our Sweat on with F45 Santa Monica

F45 Training’s Santa Monica studio is right across the street from GumGum headquarters and beautiful, happy people are always making their way in and out of this unfamiliar place. So, of course, we needed to see what all the fuss was about. Let’s just say we got our hamstrings handed to us.

Functional 45 Training, also known as F45, originated in Australia just two years ago and quickly made its way to the West Coast. Now with 300 locations across the globe, the training program is a bonafide hit; people are loving the quick, 45-minute (hence the name!) high intensity strength and conditioning classes. Each session is so great because you feel like you’re working with your own personal trainer.

We took a 45-minute resistance training class called “Romans,” in which we each went through circuits with a partner. Below is our post class group shot where we pretended not to be exhausted. We won’t be waking up at 6:30am like some of F45 Training’s dedicated clients, but we will definitely be back!


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