16 September 2011   |

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Is Display Advertising Dead?

During Thursday’s “Promises, Promises: Finding the Real Value in Integrated Marketing” panel at Paid Content Advertising Conference, it was said that display advertising is dead. Is it really dying or simply evolving?

Display advertising is so much more than banner ads on web browsers these days. With the rise of real-time web, the dynamic ad experience and the convergence of storytelling, entertainment, play, technology, and social, display advertising conveys a more vivid and compelling picture of brands that both engage and empower consumers.

eMarketer reports that U.S. online ad spending will pass $30 billion in 2012, outshining other media, with 1.1 trillion display ads delivered in Q1 of this year, according to comScore.

There is huge potential for display advertising to evolve from the traditional browser placements, technology components and targeting. Elevating display advertising with in-image overlays and a true understanding of what images are, will give advertisers highly relevant placements that receive meaningful views by quantified and engaged consumers. GumGum advertisers are seeing the value with CTR’s between .15%-4%.

A recent campaign we ran for Axe bodyspray utilized in-image advertising with a video and social component, resulting in tremendous consumer engagement.

So, is display advertising dying? We think not. What do you think?



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