12 September 2011   |

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The Future of Advertising Is Integrated

A few months ago, one of GumGum’s advisors Mark Suster of GRP Partners wrote a guest post on TechCrunch about where the future of advertising is headed. He touched on some great points and challenges within in-image advertising.

The fundamental problem with traditional advertising is a phenomenon called ”banner blindness” where website visitors ignore banner-like information on a page. Jakob Nielsen published an eye-tracking study that shows we’re trained to focus on the body of the page, not the ads. In the image below, you can see that the eyes stay within the content boundaries and don’t waver to the ads around the perimeter. This is bad news for traditional online advertisers.

The solution: integrated media. Get the ads into the stream where user eyes are and engage them with interesting and relevant ads. GumGum in-image ads do just this.

By overlaying ads on images in the main body of the page, rather than the perimeters, the ad appears to be part of the content of the page it’s displayed on, causing the user to pay attention to it.

This blending of ads and images dispels the traditional separation of “church and state” within publishing and results in a rich, user-engaged experience that delivers two times the industry average for banners.

That’s a win-win for publishers, advertisers and users.

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